The Stream Machine

This is the product that started it all. This water launcher is capable of shooting a stream of water up to 70 feet thru the air, soaking your competition.

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Balloon Fun

Remember those epic water battles you had as a kid using only a garden hose and a water balloon? Those days are back! We offer everything you need from portable water balloon filling stations to the latest single and 3 person balloon launchers and games!

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Pool and Beach Fun

We offer great family activates for kids of all ages! From footballs to sand castle kits, diving toys to skipping toys we have something for everyone!

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Backyard Fun

Turn your backyard into the ultimate playground! We have everything you need from flying discs and horse shoes, Bocce and brand new games like Poles that will bring you and your family closer while enjoying hours of fun.

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Practical Products

We offer unique and practical products that make your life easier! Check out the Boat Buddy, the Body Saver Mat or the Drain Gun.

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Wrist Launcher

Wrist Launcher is perfect for the one man assault. Comes with 72 biodegradable balloons, and filler nozzle.